Panda Bear Cake


Panda Bear Cake


Panda Bear Cake

- Saturday, Nov 10, 2018, 10am-2pm

- Recommended age for children: 9-13. No experience needed.

In this class, you and your child will learn:

  • How to make and color the buttercream

  • How to torte, fill, and ice

  • How to create fondant pieces, such as the pink bow, as well as a bow tie for a boy

  • How to cover a board in fondant to have a professional appearance and place the cake on the board

  • How to use the grass tip of an icing bag for the bear’s hair effect

  • All participants will be working with buttercream, fondant, and modeling chocolate

Your child will go home with:

  • His/her 6 inch creation

  • One cake recipe and one buttercream recipe

  • A $10 coupon that can be used on any of your next classes within the same month

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