Cupcake Class


Cupcake Class


Cupcake classes!

There will be no baking in this class

Student will receive two cupcake recipes and two filler recipes as well as two buttercream recipe to compliment the cupcake. 

All materials are included except the cupcakes. Student will be asked to bring six (6) cupcakes to decorate in fondant.  Could can buy them at Publix unfrosted. 

Learn how to decorate cupcakes with engineer Grisel.

We all know how trendy cupcakes have become through the years. Not only because of how delicious and convenient they are, but also how beautifully they compliment an event when celebrating any special occasion like a wedding , baby shower, birthday, christening, graduation or just because. 

In these courses you will be learning different flavor recipes, fillers, cream cheese frostings, and buttercreme (including chocolate and many other different flavors). 

•••Other cupcake classes 

Buttercream cupcakes classes! 

Will be giving through our the year.

In this class you’ll be learning the perfect baking and filling techniques with the use of different tips to create beautiful flowers, stars, smooth effects, curls, colored cord with buttercreme, and other decorative techniques that will enhance the appearance of your cupcakes with an original twist.

Some of the cupcake flavors and recipes we will see include: Carrot, Chocolate, Pumpkin Pecan, Vanilla, Red Velvet, and more.

We will be teaching two recipes per class (cupcake, filling and/or decoration). Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to taste and take home four (4) cupcakes 

Course Length: 3-4 hours per class.
• Class Schedule: Please Refer to our calendar
• Price: $75.00 (ingredients and recipes included)

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